Cove - A Practical Quantum Computer Programming Framework
SliceSubset Method (Indexes, Operation)
NamespacesCove.BaseIQuantumRegisterSliceSubset(IEnumerable<(Of <(Int32>)>), IQuantumOperation)
Returns a slice (subset) of the quantum register containing the qubits specified in Indexes, and in that order. The operation is then applied to the slice.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
IQuantumRegister SliceSubset(
	IEnumerable<int> Indexes,
	IQuantumOperation Operation
Function SliceSubset ( _
	Indexes As IEnumerable(Of Integer), _
	Operation As IQuantumOperation _
) As IQuantumRegister
IQuantumRegister^ SliceSubset(
	IEnumerable<int>^ Indexes, 
	IQuantumOperation^ Operation
Indexes (IEnumerable<(Of <(Int32>)>))
The indexes of the qubits in the register being returned.
Operation (IQuantumOperation)
The operation to apply to the slice.
Return Value
The quantum register representing the subset.
IndexOutOfRangeExceptionThrown if any of the indexes specified are outside of the allowable range.
DuplicateIndexesExceptionThrown if the same index is specified more than once.
NotUnitaryOperationExceptionThrown if a non-unitary operation is passed. All quantum operations must be unitary.
SizeMismatchExceptionThrown if the size of one of the operations does not match the size of the register.

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