IOperationCNot Interface
Cove - A Practical Quantum Computer Programming Framework
IOperationCNot Interface
Interface for the CNot (controlled Not) operation. Direct implementations of this interface should be named OperationCNot.
Declaration Syntax
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public interface IOperationCNot : IQuantumOperation, 
Public Interface IOperationCNot _
	Implements IQuantumOperation, ICoveObject
public interface class IOperationCNot : IQuantumOperation, 
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Return a clone (deep copy) of the current operation. This operation returned can be modified without any impact to this object. Unlike quantum registers, quantum operations cannot be in superposition- hence a clone of them does not violate the no-cloning theorem.

Combine two same sized operations into one.
(Inherited from IQuantumOperation.)
Whatever the target and control indexes are, they will be flipped. Example: if index 0 is control and index 1 is target, after this call index 0 will be target and index 1 will be control.

Get the index of the control qubit when this operation is applied: either 0 or 1.

Get a string that shows the operations name and target. An example might be something like "CNOT: Control = 0, Target = 2".
(Inherited from IQuantumOperation.)
Get the index of the target qubit when this operation is applied: either 0 or 1.

Is this a valid quantum operation? All quantum operations must be unitary, so this allows for all operations to be checked before they are applied to registers.
(Inherited from IQuantumOperation.)
Returns the number of qubits that the operation operates on. For example a CNot operation would return 2 since there are two qubits, target and control.
(Inherited from IQuantumOperation.)
SetIndexes(Int32, Int32)
Set the control and target indexes when this operation is applied. The parameters must be (0, 1) or (1, 0).

Tensor two operations into one combined one.
(Inherited from IQuantumOperation.)
Get the string representation of the object
(Inherited from ICoveObject.)

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