Cove - A Practical Quantum Computer Programming Framework
SliceSubset Method (Indexes, Operations)
NamespacesCove.BaseIQuantumRegisterSliceSubset(IEnumerable<(Of <(Int32>)>), IEnumerable<(Of <(IQuantumOperation>)>))
Returns a slice (subset) of the quantum register containing the qubits specified in Indexes, and in that order. The specified operations are then applied.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
IQuantumRegister SliceSubset(
	IEnumerable<int> Indexes,
	IEnumerable<IQuantumOperation> Operations
Function SliceSubset ( _
	Indexes As IEnumerable(Of Integer), _
	Operations As IEnumerable(Of IQuantumOperation) _
) As IQuantumRegister
IQuantumRegister^ SliceSubset(
	IEnumerable<int>^ Indexes, 
	IEnumerable<IQuantumOperation^>^ Operations
Indexes (IEnumerable<(Of <(Int32>)>))
The indexes of the qubits in the register being returned.
Operations (IEnumerable<(Of <(IQuantumOperation>)>))
The operations to apply to the slice.
Return Value
The quantum register representing the subset.
NotUnitaryOperationExceptionThrown if a non-unitary operation is passed. All quantum operations must be unitary.
SizeMismatchExceptionThrown if the size of one of the operations does not match the size of the register.

Assembly: Cove.Base (Module: Cove.Base) Version: (