Cove - A Practical Quantum Computer Programming Framework
ApplyOperations Method (Operations)
NamespacesCove.LocalSimulationQuantumRegisterApplyOperations(IEnumerable<(Of <(IQuantumOperation>)>))
Apply a series of operations to the quantum register. If any of the operations are invalid and an exception is thrown then the state of the register is not altered.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public IQuantumRegister ApplyOperations(
	IEnumerable<IQuantumOperation> Operations
Public Function ApplyOperations ( _
	Operations As IEnumerable(Of IQuantumOperation) _
) As IQuantumRegister
virtual IQuantumRegister^ ApplyOperations(
	IEnumerable<IQuantumOperation^>^ Operations
) sealed
Operations (IEnumerable<(Of <(IQuantumOperation>)>))
Operations to apply. They will be applied in order from lowest index to highest.
Return Value
A reference to this register after the operation has been applied.
NotUnitaryOperationExceptionThrown if a non-unitary operation is passed. All quantum operations must be unitary.
SizeMismatchExceptionThrown if the size of one of the operations does not match the size of the register.
ArgumentExceptionThrown if the operation does not have AbstractSimulatedQuantumOperation as a base class.

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