Cove - A Practical Quantum Computer Programming Framework
ClassicalResult Constructor (NumberOfQubits, Value)
NamespacesCove.BaseClassicalResultClassicalResult(Int32, Int64)
Constructor to create a classical result based on the number of qubits in the register and the value of the result. (Which should be treated like an unsigned long, but long is used since it is CLS compliant.)
Declaration Syntax
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public ClassicalResult(
	int NumberOfQubits,
	long Value
Public Sub New ( _
	NumberOfQubits As Integer, _
	Value As Long _
	int NumberOfQubits, 
	long long Value
NumberOfQubits (Int32)
Number of qubits the result represents
Value (Int64)
The value, to treat as an unsigned integer (so it is known which bits to toggle on).

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