Cove - A Practical Quantum Computer Programming Framework
SetIndexes Method (ControlIndex, FirstSwapIndex, SecondSwapIndex)
NamespacesCove.LocalSimulationOperationFredkinSetIndexes(Int32, Int32, Int32)
Set the indexes of qubits in a register when this operation is applied.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public IOperationFredkin SetIndexes(
	int ControlIndex,
	int FirstSwapIndex,
	int SecondSwapIndex
Public Function SetIndexes ( _
	ControlIndex As Integer, _
	FirstSwapIndex As Integer, _
	SecondSwapIndex As Integer _
) As IOperationFredkin
virtual IOperationFredkin^ SetIndexes(
	int ControlIndex, 
	int FirstSwapIndex, 
	int SecondSwapIndex
) sealed
ControlIndex (Int32)
The index of the control qubit.
FirstSwapIndex (Int32)
The index of the first qubit to swap.
SecondSwapIndex (Int32)
The index of the second qubit to swap.
Return Value
A reference to this operation after this method has been performed.
ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionThrown if any of the parameters are less than 0.
DuplicateIndexesExceptionThrown if the same index is specified for more than one parameter.

Assembly: Cove.LocalSimulation (Module: Cove.LocalSimulation) Version: (