Cove - A Practical Quantum Computer Programming Framework
GetAppliedIndices Method (OperationTargets)
NamespacesCove.LocalSimulationQuantumRegisterGetAppliedIndices(List<(Of <(Int32>)>))
Get how the exposed indices in the register match up to the target indices in the operation. The result can be used in matrix expansion and reordering.
Declaration Syntax
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protected internal List<int> GetAppliedIndices(
	List<int> OperationTargets
Protected Friend Function GetAppliedIndices ( _
	OperationTargets As List(Of Integer) _
) As List(Of Integer)
protected public:
List<int>^ GetAppliedIndices(
	List<int>^ OperationTargets
OperationTargets (List<(Of <(Int32>)>))
The target qubits for the operation. The element number is the position in the standard application, the value is the target. So if the operation is in standard order then the value of each element is the index, ie ActualAppliedQubits[x] = x.
Return Value
The correct ordering that the operation applies to.

Assembly: Cove.LocalSimulation (Module: Cove.LocalSimulation) Version: (