Cove - A Practical Quantum Computer Programming Framework
GetIncludedBinaryRepresentation Method (OperationTargets, Value)
NamespacesCove.LocalSimulationQuantumRegisterGetIncludedBinaryRepresentation(List<(Of <(Int32>)>), Int32)
Get the binary representation of the exposed qubits that would be operated on by an operation.
Declaration Syntax
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protected internal int GetIncludedBinaryRepresentation(
	List<int> OperationTargets,
	int Value
Protected Friend Function GetIncludedBinaryRepresentation ( _
	OperationTargets As List(Of Integer), _
	Value As Integer _
) As Integer
protected public:
int GetIncludedBinaryRepresentation(
	List<int>^ OperationTargets, 
	int Value
OperationTargets (List<(Of <(Int32>)>))
The target qubits of the operation. The value is the target qubit in the complete and unsliced register.
Value (Int32)
The row or column that would be operated on.
Return Value
The binary representation of the exposed qubits.

Assembly: Cove.LocalSimulation (Module: Cove.LocalSimulation) Version: (