Cove - A Practical Quantum Computer Programming Framework
Inequality Operator
NamespacesCove.ClassicalUtilitiesComplexMatrixInequality(ComplexMatrix, Complex)
Inequality operator to a ComplexMatrix and a Complex.
Declaration Syntax
C#Visual BasicVisual C++
public static bool operator !=(
	ComplexMatrix LeftSide,
	Complex RightSide
Public Shared Operator <> ( _
	LeftSide As ComplexMatrix, _
	RightSide As Complex _
) As Boolean
static bool operator !=(
	ComplexMatrix^ LeftSide, 
	Complex^ RightSide
LeftSide (ComplexMatrix)
Left side to compare
RightSide (Complex)
Right side to compare.
Return Value
Returns true if LeftSide and RightSide are not equal.

Assembly: Cove.ClassicalUtilities (Module: Cove.ClassicalUtilities) Version: (